Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July staff picks

Carol's pick:

by Barbara Kingsolver

PS 3561 .I496 P65 2005

"Listen, little beast. Judge me as you will, but first listen. I am your mother. What happened to us could have happened anywhere, to any mother. I'm not the first woman on earth to have seen her daughters possessed." The Belgian Congo, 1959 (excerpt)

Cory's pick:

by Stephen King

PS 3561 I483 Z475 2000

There may not be the kind of violence in this book for which King is known, but he pulls no punches in describing life as a writer. On Writing includes his own story, advice and a section about his brush with death in 1999. It is honest, funny and crisp. Highly recommended.

Kristy's pick:

by Daniel Keyes

PZ 4 K4453 F1

This novel is told as a series of "Progress Reports" written by a thirty-two year-old man whose IQ is tripled by an experimental surgical procedure. The book touches upon many different ethical and moral themes such as the treatment of the mentally disabled. The story of Charlie Gordon is a memorable portrait of alienation, of an individual who is at odds with his society and who struggles to have satisfactory relationships with others. Enjoy!

Carlie's pick:

by Toni Morrison

PS 3563 .O8749 .B4 1987B

"It was not a story to pass on." (p. 275)

Whether you decide to pass it on or pass on it is your choice. I have decided to pass it on. Enjoy!

Nicole's pick:

by Alexander Tsiaras; Barry Werth

QM 25 .T48 2004

A fascinating look inside the human body. The detailed images are so realistic it is amazing!

Darby's pick:

by Jon Krakauer

CT 9971 M38 K73 1997

Looking for that book to really boggle your mind? Check out Jon Krakauer's national bestseller Into the Wild, the story of a man who leaves behind all that he knows to find enlightenment in nature's purest form.

Candy's pick:

by Allen Steele

PS 3569 .T338425 O24 2000

"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water."

- Rabindranath Tagore

This book will take you to places not ordinary to anyone. The ocean is one of the last frontiers and this book tells a tale of people who dare to dive in .... who knows, maybe Nessie has a cousin...

Sterling's pick:

by Ludwig Bemelmans


Who wouldn't want to read about the adventures of a little red-headed French girl? This great children's bool tells the story of a how Madeline finds her dog, Miss. Genesieve. All throughout the story you read how Madeline is saved by Miss G and then later tries to find her in the streeets of Paris. This story also has a surpurse ending that will have you asking for more!