Monday, April 19, 2010

April Staff Picks

Juli's Pick
The Sneaker Book
By: Melissa Cardona

The sneakers you dig were previously cool. Check out the sneakers from the 70's-you'll see! My beloved 1970's Tretorns are in this book. *swoon*

Kourtney's Pick
A Thousand Splendid Suns
By: Khaled Hosseini
PS 3608 .O832 K58 2007
This book is sad and makes you appreciate what you have. It is very eye opening to the ways of another culture. All in all it is a really good book. While it is sad it makes you realize how strong people can be. I would read it again in a heartbeat.

Kristy's Pick
My Reality Check Bounced!
By: Jason Ryan Dorsey
BF 637 .S8 D625 2007
Jason Ryan Dorsey actually came and spoke on campus several years ago- he is a very motivating speaker! About this book- I can't say it any better than he does! Read it!!! "You have ambitions and abilities; it's time they produced results. You have good ideas bouncing around in your head; it's time they came to life. You know in your heart you were born to do more, be more, and experience more. But only you can make what you believe to be possible spring to life. Only you."

Alex's Pick
Buffalo Wagons
By: Elmer Kelton
Juli said I couldn't pick any more Louis so I thought I'd go with this great one from Elmer Kelton. The old time Buffalo Hunters were about as tough as they come. Great story.

Grey's Pick
How to Talk to Your Animals
By: Jean Craighead George
QL 776 .G45 1985
If you ever wondered whether those barks and neighs, meows and chips, have special meaning, this is the book to make you a true believer. If you have always wanted to respond to your animal, this book will tell you how.

Cory's Pick
The Leaphorn & Chee Novels
By: Tony Hillerman
AMIND PS 3558 .I45 A6 2005
Tony Hillerman is a master of the mystery. His Navajo setting & stories keep the readers always wanting more.

Dietrich's Pick
Change We Can Believe In
By: Barack Obama
E 901.1 .O23 C456 2008
This is a good book about what Barack Obama plans to do with our country. Everyone is pretty nervous about what is going to happen, so maybe you should read this book and get an insight on what our president plans to do. We must stay positive.

Tim's Pick
Lewis and Clark for Dummies
F 592 .M42 2003
Have you ever really wondered how Lewis and Clark actually made it to the Pacific Ocean? Or is their story just a myth? This book will give you an in-depth look at who Lewis and Clark were and what really happened on their journey.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April is Fremont County Libraries month. Help us celebrate!

A Proclamation!

WHEREAS, Residents of Fremont County visit their community, public, academic and school libraries many thousands of times per month; and

WHEREAS, these library visitors check out books, tapes, videos, and other items, receive assistance, attend educational programs, and become better informed citizens; and

WHEREAS, community members volunteer countless hours of service in physical and financial support of the library; and

WHEREAS, the Fremont County Library System, the Central Wyoming College Library, community libraries and all the school libraries are vital informational, educational and cultural resources for the residents of Fremont County; and

WHEREAS, a primary goal of the Fremont County Library System is to support life long education for all.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Fremont County Commissioners the month of April 2010 to be Fremont County Libraries Month

Dated this 9th day of March, 2010.

/s/ Douglas. L. Thompson, Chairman
/s/ Pat Hickerson, Vice-Chairman
/s/ Keja Whiteman
/s/ Dennis Heckart
/s/ Dennis Christensen

[From Fremont County Commission minutes]