Monday, March 14, 2011

Ben's March Staff Pick

2010 Weapon Systems
This book has the majority of the American weapon systems in it. This book could be a good research starter and finding out specks and plain old cool weapons. From helicopters to advanced guns to sweet tanks, this book is just all around sweet. So if you are interested in military weapon systems you should take a look at this book.

Tim's March Staff Pick

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Pauline Kael
PN 1995 K24

This book is a fun fact book about movies. Explore many movies and their critiques by Pauline Kael. This book takes a fun look at movies over the past few decades and looks at them and how they translate to society and life. Overall a fun read and something to make you think next time you watch your favorite movie.

Jan's March Staff Pick

I Still Dream About You
Fannie Flagg

Fannie Flagg wrote and reads this audio book, and it is fun! Sit-Com humor reigns as you get to know the employees of this all-female realty office and their relationships with each other. A light-hearted look at aging gracefully with a bit of a mystery thrown to boot. Totally NOT serious listening. Enjoy.

Candy's March Staff Picks

The Snowflake
by Kenneth Libbrecht and Patricia Rasmussen
QC 926.32 .L53 2003

In order for anyone to say there are no two snowflakes alike, has to have seen every one of them.
This book gives a sort of science lesson on the construction, formation, and a field guide to falling snow. The pictures alone are worth a look.

Jessie's March Staff Pick

Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies and Bull Riders
Josh Peter
GV 1834.45 .B84 P48 2005
When looking for a book I had bunnies on the mind and this is what I came up with. I will say that I think rodeos are super fun and I like going to them. I can also say that I have never heard of buckle bunnies until I moved out here. Also Twinkies are good! (Sometimes… maybe once every ten years) Amazingly this book contains all these things and it also has pictures…. I don’t think that you can beat that.

Kristy's March Staff Pick

On Writing: a memoir of the craft
by Stephen King
PS 3561 I483 Z475 2000

In this book, Stephen King tells a little about his life and his writing experience. He says: “What follows is an attempt to put down, briefly, and simply, how I came to the craft, what I know about it now, and how it’s done. It’s about the day job; it’s about the language.”
Read the book to find out more. 

Austin's March Staff Pick

The Duel
Robert Baldick
CR 4575 B25

Who wouldn’t want to know more about the art
of to-the-death conflict resolution? Robert
Baldick’s The Duel is a historical analysis and
account of the practice of dueling and how it
has changed over time, and cross culturally.

Sam's March Staff Pick

Cradle to Cradle
William McDonough and Michael Braungart
TD 794.5 .M395 2002

What happens when recycling isn’t enough?
McDonough and Braungart explain how eco-effectiveness can be put in practice and how we can pass that on to everyone we know. They also move from a "cradle-to-grave" mentality where products die in a landfill to a "cradle-to-cradle" mentality where they continue to feed production.

Conor's March Staff Pick

Planet Simpson: How a Cartoon Masterpiece Defined a Generation
Chris Turner
PN 1992.77 .S58 T875 2004

I noticed this book a particularly because a friend of mine is an avid Simpsons fan. Not only does this book document the rise of the incredibly popular TV show, but also how the show addresses common issues in our society, such as “family, religion, politics, the environment, TV, and more”. If you are a diehard Simpsons fan, this book is for you.

Juli's March Staff Pick

BIKE LUST: Harleys, Women & American Society
by Barbara Joans
GV 1059.52 .J63 2001

As a female motorcyclist, this book caught my eye a few years ago before I rode in the Iron Butt Rally, an endurance motorcycling event very few Harley riders or women compete in. I was interested in reading about the author’s anthropological perspective. As a woman in a male-dominated sport, endurance motorcycling, I was curious to see if she acknowledged the small population of women in the world of sport motorcycling. She didn’t.
Still, it’s a decent read for those curious about the biker culture in the U.S.

Cory's March Staff Pick

Daughter of Fortune
By Isabel Allende
PQ 8098.1 .L54 H5513 1999

Allende takes you into this dirty, secretive world inhabited by immigrants to California during the Gold Rush with passionate characters whose stories pulse with life. You’ll be transported.
An excerpt:
“Jugglers, acrobats, snake charmers, transvestites, traveling musicians, magicians, and contortionists performed in the streets, while all around them seethed a commerce in silk, tea, jade, spices, gold, tortoiseshell, porcelain, ivory, and precious stones.”

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mark Your Calendars!

John Clayton – "Happily Ever Aftering on a 1920s Cattle Ranch"
Tuesday, March 15 @ 330pm – SC104

Poetry Slam - ALL are encouraged to participate.. would love to have faculty/staff share a story, a poem, etc.
Tuesday, March 22 in the Library

Melanie O’Hara – Wyoming Rodeo Gals
Monday, March 28 @ 4pm – SC104

Laura Bell – author of Claiming Ground, celebrates National Library Week @CWC
Thursday, April 14 @330pm in the Little Theater

Craig Johnson – Wyoming mystery author (A&E is developing a TV series based on his characters)
Tuesday, Oct. 18

Matteo Pistono: In the Shadow of the Buddha

A great crowd turned out yesterday to listen to Lander-born author Pistono relate his tales of a decade of pilgrimage and human rights work in Tibet.

For more information: