Monday, October 12, 2009

October Staff Picks

Dane's Pick
Across the Nightingale Floor
By: Lian Hearn
PR 9619.3 .H3725 A65 2002
"A great first book to a set of three, Across the Nightingale Floor is a great story about a young Japanese boy thrust into the middle of ancient warring Japan. He becomes orphaned and then adopted into a caring warlords family only to discover he is part of the Tribe, a group of assassins commonly known as ninja, and starts his transformation from a child to a man."

Kristy’s Pick
Ghosts on the Range: Eerie True Tales of Wyoming
By: Debra D. Munn
WYOMING BF 1472 .U6 M85 1989
"Read some Wyoming ghost stories for a good scare this Halloween."

Alex's Pick
Screens and Scrolls
Text By: Sherman E. Lee
OVERSIZE ND 2071 .A28 1997
"The fine art of the Japanese culture has been refined through the ages. Also, art and swordsmanship have been a majority of daily life in Japan. This book has many great works from Japan."

Tim’s Pick
Poems and Songs of Middle Earth
By: J.R.R Tolken
PR 6039 O32 P74
"Looking to relax and have some of the pressure taken off? This is the record for you. Listen to poetry about tales of old that occurred in Middle Earth and the adventures that took place. Listen to tales not only in English, but Elvish as well. Enjoy going on an epic adventure."

Cory's Pick
A Short History of Nearly Everything
By: Bill Bryson
Q 162 .B88 2003
"A Short History of Nearly Everything is one of those books that makes you thankful the author took the time to write it. Classic Bill Bryson, the narrative is witty, engaging and memorable. One segment will get you hooked."~The soap operas of science~

Carlie’s Pick
The Worst Hard Time
By: Timothy Egan
F 595 .D38 2006
"Timothy Egan’s The Worst Hard Time graphically portrays the hardships of a few families through the Dust Bowl period. In reading this book, I came to have a better understanding of what my grandparents lived through and why they still stock pile on dry goods, re-use aluminum foil, turn their drinking glasses upside down, and reminisce about the “hard times.” Not only is the book interesting from the historical perspective, but Egan’s writing is crisp and engaging. I didn’t want to put this book down."

Slobo's Pick
Dreams from My Father
By: Barack Obama
E 185.97 .O23 D771 2004
"Obama showed his inheritance in this book and explained what difficulties his family had in their lives. One more interesting aspect of the book is his religious view, what may be a little bit controversial for a president of the United States. So I absolutely recommend you to read this book."

Monday, October 5, 2009

September Staff Pick's

Kristy’s Pick
Help! My Apartment has a Kitchen, a Cookbook
By: Kevin Millis
TX 714 M555 1996
Author Kevin Millis says "My mom had the idea for this cookbook...We agreed there might be others like me who were forced into the kitchen by circumstances beyond their control, and these people needed a cookbook on their level." Cooks of all levels may find something in here-the book includes many tips in addition to 100+ recipes. Enjoy!!

Tim’s Pick
Kitten's First Full Moon
By: Kevin Henkes
OVERSIZE PZ 7 .H389 KI 2004
This is the trying tale of a kitten, who is fighting to reach his goal. By overcoming many obstacles in his path, he learns the true tale of a person who never quits. By reading this book, you can apply the lesson, to never give up, to your life as well.

Alex's Pick
Drawings By Leonardo da Vinci
Selected by: Giorgio Castelfranco
NC 1055 L5 C383
"Da Vinvi's drawings were the beginings of his great paintings and his many inventions. His drawings captivate the eye and mind."

Carlie’s Pick
By: Leslie Marmon Silko
"Leslie Marmon Silko's book Ceremony is a beautiful read about redemption and healing for a broken WWII veteran named Tayo. I highly recommend it!"

Slobo's Pick
Sporting News Oct. 27, 2008
"I recommend you guys (who are reading this) to read this issue of Sporting News because besides a couple of good reports about the NFL there is a really interesting interview with Kobe Bryant and some interesting NBA facts. So, read it, you won't regret it."

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We heart LibX

When you install this toolbar, magic blue paws begin appearing on your screen whenever you're looking at a book title, be it on,, or anywhere else. When you click the paw, it searches WYLDCAT right then and there!

Directions available from the Wyoming State Library: