Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kelsey's September Staff Pick

Woman of the Inner Sea
By Thomas Keneally
PR 9619.3 .K46 W65 1994

If you have a determined, strong-willed outlook on obstacles life throws your way, then this is a book you will certainly enjoy. Thomas Keneally takes you on a journey through a woman's not-so-perfect life. You will be able to see the difficulties she is forced to deal with and how she overcomes them all. Will she find her way to happiness?

Sam's September Staff Pick

The Hard Way
by Mark Jenkins
GV 191.25 .J46 2003

If you have an adventurous spirit or just enjoy reading about someone who does, then The Hard Way is a must read. Mark Jenkins takes you on many of his adventures and extremely close calls with danger. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in this book that you forget you aren’t right next to him.

Shawnte's September Staff Pick

The Anti-Bullying Handbook
By Keith Sullivan
BF 637 B85 S85 2000

The Anti-Bullying Handbook is a useful tool in helping kids, teachers, and parents deal with bullying in schools, colleges or at residential homes. The book gives a brief explanation of bullying and the different types of bullying. The rest of the book goes about telling us how to go about problem solving against bullying in every situation. This can teach your children how to deal with bullying before and as it occurs. Teachers, counselors, and administrators are taught how to monitor it so that bullying doesn’t keep reoccurring. This can be helpful by doing school activities such as anti- bullying programs for everyone being involved. This book will also give you helpful advice from experts and it identifies the best web sites for anti-bullying from the internet.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jan's September Staff Pick

Time Collectors Edition: American Legends

E99 A7 S343 2003 c.3

What a fun collection of American icons! It is a book that you can skim through and look at the great pictures, or actually take time to read some of the unknown facts about personalities that are a American as baseball and apple pie. From Sam Walton of WalMart fame to Oprah herself, you will get to know the famous and the infamous. Have fun with this…I did.

Tim's September Staff Pick


Reserves GV 1469 .P52 A54 2000

Do you already feel overwhelmed with the school year starting? It’s easy sometimes to let ourselves get to that point. However, to avoid that and still do well in school we need to have some pressure release at times. Pictionary is the perfect stress relief to ease the pressure, but still keep your mind intact to be able to work on your classes at a high level. Wishing you the very best this semester!

Sarah's Staff Pick

The Count of Monte Cristo

By: Alexander Dumas

PQ 2226 E5 1946

This book is about a man who had everything, how it was stolen, and how he got it all back. It shows how far a person would go with nothing left to exact revenge from an evil. When I read this book, it held my attention to the finish. In my opinion it should be called a classic.

Kristy's September Staff Pick

The Book Thief

By Markus Zusak

Call # PR 9619.4 .Z87 B66 2006

Set in Nazi Germany, Liesel steals her first book before she has even learned to read. As the story unfolds we see how Liesel comes to learn about the people around her and the power of words. “This is a story of courage, friendship, love, survival, death, and grief. This is Liesel’s life on Himmel Street, told from Death’s point of view.”

Cory's September Staff Pick

Born into Brothels

DVD HQ 240 .C3 B683 2004x

By Zana Briski

I had to be coerced into watching this documentary, I confess. It looked heart-wrenching and I wanted to avoid feeling the pain of others whom I could not help. Indeed, it was heart-wrenching and uncomfortable, but the challenge – like all challenges – was worthwhile. This is a story of children without hope and a photographer determined they get half a chance. Limited in her capacity to help in any other way, she teaches them photography. It is wonderful to watch them all change through the experience. The story reminds us that every generation is a new opportunity, that every set of eyes is a new lens and that all of us change one another. Be brave and watch!

Juli's September Staff Pick

The School of Essential Ingredients

by Erica Bauermeister


This book is a must-hear for fans of food and fellowship. Erica Bauermeister mixes together a diverse group of characters in her novel about a cooking class and encourages us to consider what is truly essential in life and in love. It’s a delicious blend of personal reflections and aspirations and is sure to make you hungry!