Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Staff Pic's

Juli's Pick
A Separate Peace
By: John Knowles
PS 3561 .N68 S4 1996
Loved this book as assigned reading in high school both for its wonderful story and insight into lives impacted by WWII.

Kristy's Pick
Spring Forward: The annual madness of Daylight Saving
By: Michael Downing
HN 49 .D3 D69 2005
The author ponders the bi-annual happening: "Where we saving daylight when the sunrise was earlier or when it was later? Unclear. When had Americans started to fuss with their clocks? Also unclear. Who saved what when?" As he begins his research into this topic, he says: "The very thought of Daylight Saving Time seemed to give a lot of people a terrible headache, which made them mad, which made them more likely to get up." "It seems like such a simple gesture. Spring forward, fall back. Does anyone know what we are doing?" As for me, I seriously doubt it....

Slobo's Pick
The Story of the Olympic Games
By: John Kieran, Arthur Daley
GV 23 K5 1969
Since the Olympic Games are happening right now, this book brings a lot of interesting facts about Olympic Games, their history, traditions, gold medals, ect. Whoever enjoys sports and Olympics Games will enjoy this book as well.

Grey's Pick
Read Japanese Today
By: Len Walsh
PL 561 W2255 1969
This book will help you learn the basics of the Japanese language. Hope you enjoy it!

Cory's Pick
The Man Who Loved China
By: Simon Winchester
Q 143 .N44 W56 2008
Simon Winchester is the author of "Professor and the Madman", along with many others. A very easy read,"The Man who Loved China" is both a story about a phenomenal man and the tremendous arc of Chinese History. Highly recommended!

Dietrich's Pick
Riders of the West: Portraits and Writings from Indian Rodeo
By: Peter Iverson, Linda MacCannel, Carolyn Buffalo
AMIND E 78 .W51938 1999
This is a very interesting book and very informative about Wyoming history. Riders of the West is like the missing Chapter of the West, it goes into great detail about the Native American Rodeo. It definitely shows the roles in rodeo Native Americans posses. This book also has a lot of great real life photos.

Tim's Pick
The Motorcycle Diaries
DVD PN 1997.2 .M67 2005

This is a great movie detailing the early years of Che Guevara. A must see for those interested in history.