Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New! CD Books for checkout

The CWC Library began an audio book leasing program just in time for Christmas break. We have several new, popular titles available. Come take a peek!

Monday, December 13, 2010

December Staff Picks

Grey’s Pick
How to Climb 5.12!
Eric J. Horst
GV 200.2 .H68 2003

How to climb 5.12 can help intermediate climbers make the physical and mental jump to advance climbing ability. It offers streamlined tips and suggestions on such critical issues as cutting-edge strength training, mental training, and climbing strategy. How to climb 5.12 is the perfect manual to guide you on the road to mastery and to help make the trip as short as possible.

Ben Huver's December Staff picks

Picture Books for Children
Patricia J. Cianciolo
PN 1009 A1 C565 1981

If you are looking for a book to help you find good illustrated children books this book tells you what to look for basically. It gives you authors names and titles of illustrations they have done. Also it gives you ideas on what to draw if you’re trying to illustrate a book or just need some help drawing.

Hannah's December Staff Pick

Conditioning for Climbers!
A Falcon Guide
Eric J. Horst
GV 200.2 .H66 2008

This book is great for anyone looking to become a better climber, have a great bod, and interested in overall health and fitness. Anyone who feels healthy has more fun and is in general happier and that’s why I think fitness is important. This book has a lot of different exercises and not only will getting in better shape help boost your self esteem, as a climber you get more out of it the more you can progress! So.. check – it – out!
Hannah Hall

Cory's December Staff Pick

By Eric Brende
HM 846 .B74

How many science fiction novels are there about time travel? This one is non-fiction! Brende and his wife lived among a sect of people similar to the Amish (he calls them “Minimites”) for over a year, during which time they eschewed just about all technology. Brende honestly examines both the changes in himself and his wife and their relationship without the tools of the modern age. He provides great insight into the relationships among those in their adopted community. He shows us that yes, there is more manual labor, but there are more people doing it and they are happy for the tasks. Furthermore, working takes pressure off social interactions and builds appreciation of one another. The Brende family planned to stay for just a year, but didn’t want to leave. The last chapter is “Recipe for a leisurely, laborsaving life.” Did I mention they also had a baby while they were there (then)?

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Kristy's December Staff Pick

M.C. Escher: 29 Master Prints
OVERSIZE NE 670 .E75 A4 1983

Escher’s work is fascinating and intriguing. He says, “In my prints I try to show that we live in a beautiful and orderly world and not in a chaos without norms, as we sometimes seem to. My subjects are also often playful. I cannot help mocking all our unwavering certainties. It is, for example great fun deliberately to confuse two and three dimensions, the plane and space, or to poke fun at gravity. Are you sure that a floor cannot also be a ceiling? Are you absolutely certain that you go up when you walk up a staircase? Can you be definite that it is impossible to eat your cake and have it?” Take a look through this book and maybe you will see things just a little bit differently when you are done.

Candy's December Staff Pick

The Private Life of a Masterpiece – DVD
DVD N 72.5 .P75 2008

This collection has seven DVD’s. To quote the description on the back, “This award-winning series reveals the full and fascination stories behind famous works of art, not just how they came to be created, but also how they influenced others and came to have a life of their own in the modern world.” Enjoy!

Jan's December Staff Pick

Where Rivers Change Direction
Mark Spragg
WYOMING F 767 .P3 S67 1999

Mark Spragg’s memoirs are a harsh but revealing account of a boy coming-of-age on a working dude ranch just outside the east gate to Yellowstone Park in the 1950’s. Reality of ranch life is exposed through time spent with his friends, ranch workers, and family.
“Readers expecting a quaint, picturesque yarn will find instead an elemental, powerful confrontation with the naked realities of living and dying.” (This Amazon review says it all!)
Welcome to the ranch life of Wyoming that has not changed that much in 50 years. Go with him and share the experience.

Juli's December Staff Pick

Edited by Herbert H. Wernecke
PT 1 W495 TA1

Who doesn’t love a good story? At this time of year, people gather to celebrate the season and to share in fellowship, friendship, and family. Memories are shared and made and without a doubt, stories are shared. This collection of Christmas stories includes tales from countries far away, such as India, the Philippines, and Czechoslovakia but also includes stories from the States. I encourage you to share stories from Amish country and Possum Run. My personal favorite is Christmas in the Alps, which is from Switzerland.
Happy Holidays Everyone!

Kreig's December Staff Pick

The German Atomic Bomb
By: David Irving
QC 773 A1 I69

There are few people who know of the secrets of Nazi Germany. Even fewer still are the number of people that believe the stories of these secrets. One of the most heavily guarded secrets within all of Nazi Germany is that they were well on their way to having a completed and highly successful Atomic bomb. David Irving describes in depth, using captured Nazi records, just how they went about building the weapon and who was a member of the development team. The German Atomic Bomb shows just how dangerously close Germany came to winning World War Two as they had a delivery system just not the weapon itself perfectly developed. A wonderful book for history buffs and World War Two enthusiasts alike.

Tim's December Staff Pick

George MacDonald
PR 4967 .P49 2008

This book contains two stories that helped set the foundation for the fantasy genre. George MacDonald takes you on a romantic fantasy for both men and women. C.S. Lewis was quoted as saying, “It must be more than thirty years ago that I bought Phantastes. A few hours later I knew I had crossed a great frontier.” Enjoy reading this book and let your imagination take control.

Ashley's December Staff Pick

In Cold Blood
by Truman Capote
HV 6533 .K3 C3 1994

This book is a very well-written documentary about a tragedy that takes place near a small Kansas town on November 15, 1959. Four members of the Clutter family are savagely murdered by two criminals, with no apparent motive for the crime. This book takes you through the events that lead to the murder, up to the trial and the execution of the killers.