Friday, March 9, 2012

Downloadable audiobooks - OneClick Digital

To use One Click Digital:
2. Click “Create New Account” in upper right corner.
3. Once you’ve created an account download the One Click Digital Media Manager either for windows or mac by clicking “Learn more about OneClickDigital Media Manager” On the right side of the screen. This will open a new page and have links to download the Media Manager.
4. Once the Media Manager is installed, log in through the One Click Media Manager.
5. Go back to the One Click Digital Website and at the top click the “Home” tab to view different books or you can use the quick search or advanced search.
6. Once you find a book that you want to check out, click the book
7. Once you click on the book, on the right side of the page choose how many days you want to check out and click “Checkout now!”
8. If the book is unavailable, however, you may put a hold on the book by clicking “hold”. It will tell you how many people are ahead of you in line.
9. Once checked out it should pop up a “download” window, make sure to click “open”
10. After you click “open” it should automatically open One Click Digital Media Player
11. Your checked out book will be under Checked Out books in the One Click Digital Media Player.
12. Simply click “play title” underneath the cover of the book.
13. For further support visit:

To transfer to a device:
1. Connect IPod to your computer
2. Open One Click Digital Media Manager
3. Click “download/transfer” (you must have itunes)
4. It should automatically transfer to your iPod

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kelsey's March Staff Pick

Freedom Writers
PN 1995.9 .M45 F744366 2007

This is a touching movie that teaches a person not only to believe in those around them, but to believe in themselves. Hilary Swank stars in this inspiring movie as the teacher who gives her troubled students a chance to make a voice for themselves. I would recommend this movie to anyone seeking encouragement, or just someone looking for a great movie to watch. J

Shawnte's March Staff Pick

PN 1997.2 .A83 2010

Avatar is a popular non fiction movie about the planet pandora that is inhabited by the Na’vi that are 10 foot tall, blue skinned sapiet humanoids, who live in harmony with nature and worship a goddess called Eywa. Humans have destroyed Earth’s natural resources so they make avatars as themselves in Na’vi form to obtain minerals from pandora. This film is full of excitement, adventure, and a fateful love. Enjoy and embrace yourself in the fantasy, become one with the Na’vi.

Kristy's March Staff Pick

How Music Works:
The Science and Psychology of Beautiful Sounds, From Beethoven to the Beatles
and Beyond
Written by John Powell
ML 3805 .P69 2010

“Dr. Powell decided to write this engaging and accessible introduction to the science and psychology behind music when he discovered that all the existing books on the subject gave him a headache. He holds a master’s degree in music composition and a PhD in physics…”

“You will be glad to hear that you need no musical or scientific training to understand this book, although musicians and scientists should find plenty of things they didn’t know before.”

Sarah's March Staff Pick

Whale Rider
DVD PN 1997 .W52 2003

"In the ways of the ancient she found a hope for a future.”

Pai is the next whale rider for her people; being the whale rider comes with great power; being the leader. This position is challenged by everyone including her family. Pai defies the tradition of male gender only and fulfills her destiny.

Candy's March Staff Pick

Little Things in a Big Country
Written by Hannah Hinchman
F 739 .A94 H565 2004

Cory handed me this book and told me I should read it, so I did. It is full of the artist’s drawings, paintings, and philosophical thoughts of what she and Sisu encounter. Written in the style of a hand-written journal, with no page numbers, some of the drawings are so clear you swear that they are a photograph.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sam's March Staff Pick

Outdoor Safety Handbook
Written by Buck Tilton
WYO GV 200.5 .T54 2006

Written by our very own, Buck Tilton, this book is great for anyone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors. It covers everything from what to do if you encounter a bear to sleeping on the ground. Whether you have to pee in the woods or need dry clothes, this handbook has some wonderful tips!

Casey's March Staff Pick

The Night Angel Trilogy
Written by Brent Weeks
PS 3623 .E4223 .W39 2008

Follow Azoth, an orphan living in the gutters of Cenaria’s largest city, from the slums to a career as a powerful assassin. Durzo Blint, a mysterious and immensely powerful man, holds the city in the death grip of his expertise and takes Azoth as his only apprentice breaking his own rules in doing so. To make a place for himself in the underhanded world of professional assassins known as wetboys, Azoth must become Kylar Stern and learn to kill without question. This tale will take you for a ride you’ll never forget, just remember: wetboys don’t have targets, they have deaders because wetboys never botch a kill.

Jan's March Staff Pick

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Written by Jonathan Safran Foer
PS 3606 .O38 E97 2005

What a capturing read! This book takes your hand and leads you along the lives of a 9-11 family in a way that is unique in its presentation, mostly form the point of view of a victim’s young son. Not a boring minute.

Tim's March Staff Pick


Were you looking for a book and could not find the copy here in the library? Thanks to technology and a new app from Wyld you can now check out books by downloading them to your tab or to your smartphone. Download the app Freading to your device. Then check out The process is easy and there are no fees involved. Happy reading to you!!

Cory's March Staff Pick

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

By Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

This book is a treasure. The characters are charming, the circumstances dramatic and the narrative arc wonderful. Over one-thousand readers gave it five stars on

London, 1946. A young female writer is looking for a story to tell. The Isle of Guernsey is recovering from German occupation. She begins corresponding with survivors to tell their tale. In the process, she becomes one of them. Enjoy!

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