Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tim's January Staff Pick

The Help
Written by Kathryn Stockett

What is fascinating about this story isn’t necessarily the events that took place, but what transpired because of those events and that would be lasting relationships. This story above all else is a relational story that not only connects the characters, but takes the reader and make them a part of the story as well. If you don’t have a lot of time to read this remarkable story, then check out the audiobook and let it captivate your heart. Enjoy!

Jan's January Staff Pick

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Written by Jamie Ford
PS 3606 .O737 H68 2009
What a special read this book is! The story begins in current times with flashbacks to the era of the government’s confinement of the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. You will share the frustration, anger, young love, and loss as the different ethnic communities of California respond to this action within their own cultural prejudices. I hope that you take the time to meet these interesting characters as they deal with generations of emotions.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tim's December Staff Pick


By David Herbert Donald

E 457 .D66 1996

Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.
Abraham Lincoln

What determines a person’s success or legacy is really up to the person. One can say many things, but it takes action for those things to come to fruition. If you ever get a chance to look at one of American’s most successful persons of all time, in President Lincoln, you’ll see that there is no way that this man should have ever succeeded. What was it that pushed Abraham through failure after failure? Whatever the reason, he is a prime reason in truly overcoming. If you feel like sometimes life is too much, than take a look at Abraham Lincoln and his life and let that be the inspiration that will help you overcome any life trial.

Casey's December Staff Pick

The Matrix

PN 1995.9 .S26 M38 2007

Follow Neo, an average Joe computer software technician, working a bureaucratic office job in a life he hates. By night, Neo lives a life of computer crime, “guilty of virtually every crime we have a law for” says the agent who arrests Neo for his law breaking habits. Neo is contacted by mysterious rebel leader Morpheus who offers Neo a new life. Breaking out of the Matrix, Neo joins the fight to free humankind from an oppressive domination of machines, hell-bent on enslaving the human race.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kelsey's December Staff Pick

The Great Debaters
DVD PN 1995.9 .M45 G7438 2008

The Great Debaters is a story that takes on sexism, racism, and low expectations from the surrounding society. The students who attend Wiley College are forced to push through the negative and learn from every aspect of it. This is an inspiring story about finding who you are and believing in yourself.

Cory's December Staff Pick

The End of Overeating
by David Kessler
QP 141 .E467 2009

What a revealing book! I read it a year ago and still quote it regularly. Can you believe rats will knowingly give their lives to eat when the proper combination of fat, salt and sugar. The combination overrides the brains ability to convince you that you're full and should stop eating. Think about it. All your favorite foods layer these in spades!

The author is a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. In an interview, he discussed his reason for researching this topic:

"I wanted to figure out what was going on, and the book was written to help people who don't understand why they have such a hard time overeating. My family doctor said to me, "You're describing me. No one explained to me why I keep on eating."

Wes' December Staff Pick

by David McCullough
E 208 .M396 2005

Have you ever wondered how close the U.S. was to losing the war for independence? Well I don't, because I read this book. It is a wonderfully written book about an important single year where the young United States almost lost its fight for freedom from British rule. There are a lot of great battle stories and journal entries from General George Washington to the young Privates fighting the bloody battles. There are stories of hardship and excitement. Good book. Good writer.

Shawnte's December Staff Pick

The Notebook
by Nicholas Sparks
PS 3569 P363 N68 1996

The Notebook is a romantic novel that will lift your spirits and take your heart on a journey of enlightenment. I love this book because it lets you believe in a thing called young love and it gives you faith that love can grow and even last forever. Beware though for those who have not read this book yet. It may make you cry. After reading the book check out the movie The Notebook as well. It’s a great chick flick J

Kristy's December Staff Pick

I Can't Keep My Own Secrets: Six Word Memoirs by Teens, Famous, & Obscure
by Rachel Fershleiser
CT 107 .I25 2009

One of my favorites:




Heartbreaking, and breathtaking.

-- Ashley Qualls

Six-word review-

Read it. Loved it. Your turn.

Sam's December Staff Pick

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
RESERVE DVD PN 1995.9 .B55 D58564 2008

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is the remarkable true story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, a successful and charismatic editor-in-chief of French Elle, who believes he is living his life to its absolute fullest when a sudden stroke leaves him in a life-altered state. After 20 days in a coma, Bauby awoke into a body which had all but stopped working: only his left eye functioned. This allowed him to see and, by blinking it, to make clear that his mind was unimpaired. Almost miraculously, he was soon able to express himself in the richest detail: dictating a word at a time, blinking to select each letter as the alphabet was recited to him slowly, over and over again. In the same way, he was able eventually to compose this extraordinary book.

Sarah's December Staff Pick

The Annotated Hobbit
by J.R.R. Tolkien
CWMAIN PR 6039 O32 H6 1988

“A box without hinges, key or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.”


The quote above reminds me of the book, even though it comes from it, especially the second line, when it says “Golden treasure inside is hid.”The Hobbit is like that. What is interesting is that most people know the story about the Hobbit. Who doesn’t want to go on an adventure, but is bullied into it and ends up loving it very much. They know this but don’t know where he got the information behind it, like when the dwarves and Bilbo see the white deer when they are getting close to the elves.

Jan's December Staff Pick

Water For Elephants
by Sara Gruen
PS 3607 .R696 W38 2006

Written from the perspective of an old man recalling his life with the traveling circus, this book is not a “love story”. Placed in the hard times of the depression, Jacob enters the circus through circumstances of tragedy and fate. There he learns the lessons of that world through the characters and creatures that inhabit the Big Top. This story is an easy read that captures you from the first page. Not always a pretty place, the circus becomes real through Sara Gruen’s words.

Candy's December Staff Pick

The Final Deduction

by Rex Stout

Audio Book

Mysteries are my favorite genre, and as always Nero Wolfe and Archie never fail to deliver. It has the usual suspects, storyline, Fritz’s cooking, and Saul. Read radically! Read this! It has absolutely nothing to do with studying.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cory's November Staff Pick


By Jane Smiley
PS 3569 M39 M66 1995

This hilarious dark comedy about university life features Earl Butz, a white hog being fed in secret to find out just how big he can get, and several other characters focused on all manner of appetites. Academia is always ripe for satire, but the tension between teaching and research at a large agricultural institution adds a whole new layer for Smiley to exploit.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jan's November Staff Pick

Check out our new subscription to:
The Wrangler, Horse and Rodeo News!

This is a locally published periodical that contains lots of equestrian information from the western states including Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, and Idaho. There are articles by various writers; schedules of events; classified ads for trailers, trainings, etc.; and color photos of stock for sale. Don’t forget to check for your (or a friend’s) standing in the statistics lists of the many rodeo events.
Lots of information in a compact format! This is a weekly publication so check the library often for the latest news.

Casey's November Staff Pick

Survivorman Season 3

DVD GV 200.5 .S87 2009

Follow survival exper Les Stroud as he spends 7 days alone in places like the Colorado Rockies, the Australian Outback, and Papua New Guinea. Learn to eat the Witchetty Grub for your night time snack. Follow Les as he tried to stay alive long enough for rescue crews to reach him in the Sierra Nevadas. If you want real survival advice that won't let you down, kick back and enjoy your soda while Les starves in the wildlands to show you how to survive.

Shawnte's November Staff Pick

New Moon

By Stephenie Meyer

PS 3613 .E979 N532 2006

New Moon is a romance between a teenage girl, named Bella and a mysterious boy named Edward who turns out to be a vampire. For some of you who have not read this novel, it is an enchanting story where two completely different people have fallen in love and now for Bella’s safely Edward has made the decision to break up with Bella and stay away from her so no one tries to harm her. Their tale takes them on an adventure of desire and heart pounding altitudes. WARNING: this book may make you cry since the tale is of teenage romance and heartbreak. This book is great for cuddling up at home with a warm blanket, some hot chocolate on a cold November night, and I thought it would be perfect for all of you who have not yet read the series to start because Breaking Dawn part 1 is coming soon to theatres! Read the rest of Stephanie Myer’s series Twilight #1, New Moon #2 Eclipse #3, and Breaking dawn #4.

Juli's November Staff Pick


by David Wiesner

Oversize PZ 7 .W6367 F65 2006
Vivid storytelling and active imagining are at the heart of this beautiful Caldecott Award winning book. I first discovered Wiesner’s work when I picked up a copy of Tuesday, which the CWC Library also has. Who knew page-turning could be so fun! This book is an ultimate in armchair-travel!

Kelsey's November Staff Pick

The Hunger Games
By Suzanne Collins

PS 3603 .O4558 H86 2008

This is a must-read book that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. The Hunger Games will take you on a suspenseful adventure through the eyes of the main character, Katniss Everdeen. Hurry and get into the upcoming phenomenon before it takes off!

Sam's November Staff Pick

Mozart and the Whale

DVD PN 1995.9 .C55 M69378 2006
Mozart and the whale is a beautiful story of two people with Asperger's Syndrome who struggle to build and keep a loving relationship with each other. Donald and Isabelle are two completely different characters who meet through the Autism support group that Donald leads. The movie is beautifully photographed, and the music is both hilarious and appropriate. Director Petter Naess shows off his talent very well in the construction of the film.

Kristy's November Staff Pick

The Book of unholy mischief
By Elle Newmark

Set in fifteenth-century Venice, this historical drama is flavored with Renaissance recipes and political intrigue. The story is not perfectly written, but it is still worth listening to. Raul Esparza is the reader and he does an awesome job. Everyone, from Luciano the orphan street boy, to Francesca the convent beauty who captures the heart of the orphan, is brought to life with his voice.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Candy's October Staff Pick

The Carving of Mount Rushmore
Written by Rex Alan Smith
NB 237 .B6 A68 1985

Written with humor, perception and energy, Rex Alan Smith has put together a complete story of how Mount Rushmore came to be.

In some ways, it reads out as an unofficial biography of Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor who led a life as big and as large as the faces he carved out of “the chosen stone”.

Loaded with pictures, written in close detail, it is an impressive story.

Jan's October Staff Pick

The Arrival

Written by Shaun Tan
PZ 7.7 .T36 ARR 2007

Casey's October Staff Pick

The Hobbit
Written by J.R. Tolkien
PZ 7 .T5744 H0 1966

Who doesn’t love Tolkien’s classic work? The Hobbit and, subsequently, The Lord of The Rings series laid the ground work for all of contemporary fantasy. Often times taking several paragraphs to describe in high resolution detail scenes of landscape imagery that would be beyond the adjective spectrum of most writers, Tolkien’s The Hobbit will quickly become your October love affair.

Kelsey's October Staff Pick

Personality Psychology
Written by Jim McMartin
BF 698 .M349 1995

Ever wonder how or why your personality works? In Personality Psychology, your common, everyday questions on personality are asked, and then responded to by using and explaining understandable data. This book was made with students in mind, giving them a better understanding on Personality Psychology.

Kristy's October Staff Pick

Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life
Written by Karen Armstrong
BL 624 .A74 2010

"...compassion is aptly summed up in the Golden Rule, which asks us to look into our own hearts, discover what gives us pain, and then refuse, under any circumstances whatsoever, to inflict that pain on anybody else."

Wes' October Staff Pick

Into the Wild
Written by Jon Krakauer
Call #: CT 9971 .M38 K73 1997

Back in the early 90's there was a young man named Christopher McCandless who went by the name of Alexander Supertramp. He was a vagabond, of sorts, that traveled the country by foot trying to find a meaning to the questions he had about life. He ultimately made it to Alaska where he lived for a few months and then died. This is a wonderful book to read for anyone who likes traveling. It is also very similar to the movie, although the book is better.

Cory's October Staff Pick

by Malcolm Gladwell
BF 637 .S8 G533 2008

New Yorker columnist Gladwell made a big splash with Blink and The Tipping Point. In his 2008 book, Outliers, Gladwell focuses on success and how it is achieved. With clear, accessible language Gladwell relates the stories behind the tremendous success of specific individuals. His message is that although it does take hard work to succeed – his measure is 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything – it also takes opportunity. While some may interpret this as proof that the American dream is not equally accessible, it is also a reminder to seize hold of the opportunities that open to you.

Juli's October Staff Pick


DVD ML 420 .L38 N69 2008

Learn about the young John, before rock n’ roll, before The Beatles, before Yoko, before the unimaginable in New York City. Imagine a young man from Liverpool in 1950s who was destined to become one of the world’s greatest musicians and peace activists.

This is John Lennon in his early years. This is John Lennon, the nowhere boy who found his way.

Sam's October Staff Pick

Food, Inc.

DVD HD 9005 .F66 2009

Food, Inc. is a documentary that explores where the food that we purchase comes from, and what it means for the health of future generations. The director exposes the dark side of the American food industry. Food, Inc. reveals surprising -- and often shocking truths -- about what we eat, how it's produced, who we have become as a nation and where we are going from here.

Shawnte's October Staff Pick

The Hate Factory

Written by Georgelle Hirliman

HV 9475 .N62 N395 2005

The Hate Factory is a book about inmates of a penitentiary of New Mexico. The book is about the gloomy times and hardships the inmates partake within the prison and how gruesome and ruthless inmates were to one another. I believe that it’s a gut wrenching story that steals your attention to make you want to read it till the very end. I was left mind bottled throughout the tragic happenings taking place within the prison and that’s why I think that this book is a great read for Halloween. It will put Goosebumps on your neck and night mares within your dreams.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kelsey's September Staff Pick

Woman of the Inner Sea
By Thomas Keneally
PR 9619.3 .K46 W65 1994

If you have a determined, strong-willed outlook on obstacles life throws your way, then this is a book you will certainly enjoy. Thomas Keneally takes you on a journey through a woman's not-so-perfect life. You will be able to see the difficulties she is forced to deal with and how she overcomes them all. Will she find her way to happiness?

Sam's September Staff Pick

The Hard Way
by Mark Jenkins
GV 191.25 .J46 2003

If you have an adventurous spirit or just enjoy reading about someone who does, then The Hard Way is a must read. Mark Jenkins takes you on many of his adventures and extremely close calls with danger. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in this book that you forget you aren’t right next to him.

Shawnte's September Staff Pick

The Anti-Bullying Handbook
By Keith Sullivan
BF 637 B85 S85 2000

The Anti-Bullying Handbook is a useful tool in helping kids, teachers, and parents deal with bullying in schools, colleges or at residential homes. The book gives a brief explanation of bullying and the different types of bullying. The rest of the book goes about telling us how to go about problem solving against bullying in every situation. This can teach your children how to deal with bullying before and as it occurs. Teachers, counselors, and administrators are taught how to monitor it so that bullying doesn’t keep reoccurring. This can be helpful by doing school activities such as anti- bullying programs for everyone being involved. This book will also give you helpful advice from experts and it identifies the best web sites for anti-bullying from the internet.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jan's September Staff Pick

Time Collectors Edition: American Legends

E99 A7 S343 2003 c.3

What a fun collection of American icons! It is a book that you can skim through and look at the great pictures, or actually take time to read some of the unknown facts about personalities that are a American as baseball and apple pie. From Sam Walton of WalMart fame to Oprah herself, you will get to know the famous and the infamous. Have fun with this…I did.

Tim's September Staff Pick


Reserves GV 1469 .P52 A54 2000

Do you already feel overwhelmed with the school year starting? It’s easy sometimes to let ourselves get to that point. However, to avoid that and still do well in school we need to have some pressure release at times. Pictionary is the perfect stress relief to ease the pressure, but still keep your mind intact to be able to work on your classes at a high level. Wishing you the very best this semester!

Sarah's Staff Pick

The Count of Monte Cristo

By: Alexander Dumas

PQ 2226 E5 1946

This book is about a man who had everything, how it was stolen, and how he got it all back. It shows how far a person would go with nothing left to exact revenge from an evil. When I read this book, it held my attention to the finish. In my opinion it should be called a classic.

Kristy's September Staff Pick

The Book Thief

By Markus Zusak

Call # PR 9619.4 .Z87 B66 2006

Set in Nazi Germany, Liesel steals her first book before she has even learned to read. As the story unfolds we see how Liesel comes to learn about the people around her and the power of words. “This is a story of courage, friendship, love, survival, death, and grief. This is Liesel’s life on Himmel Street, told from Death’s point of view.”

Cory's September Staff Pick

Born into Brothels

DVD HQ 240 .C3 B683 2004x

By Zana Briski

I had to be coerced into watching this documentary, I confess. It looked heart-wrenching and I wanted to avoid feeling the pain of others whom I could not help. Indeed, it was heart-wrenching and uncomfortable, but the challenge – like all challenges – was worthwhile. This is a story of children without hope and a photographer determined they get half a chance. Limited in her capacity to help in any other way, she teaches them photography. It is wonderful to watch them all change through the experience. The story reminds us that every generation is a new opportunity, that every set of eyes is a new lens and that all of us change one another. Be brave and watch!

Juli's September Staff Pick

The School of Essential Ingredients

by Erica Bauermeister


This book is a must-hear for fans of food and fellowship. Erica Bauermeister mixes together a diverse group of characters in her novel about a cooking class and encourages us to consider what is truly essential in life and in love. It’s a delicious blend of personal reflections and aspirations and is sure to make you hungry!

Friday, August 19, 2011

New audiobooks!

The King's Speech by Mark Logue and Peter Conrad

Dead End Gene Pool by Wendy Burden

Best Advice I Ever Got by Katie Couric

The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin

House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

Art though the Ages

Hi! I am new to the blog and I am just helping out around the CWC Library (like an internship) and this is my first major assignment.

I chose the topic because it is a form of expression, and I wanted my first exhibit to be meaningful and art is full of meaning from subtle hints to ginormous ones. I'm not asking you to become there biggest fan but you should notice it, at least enough to see the whole picture.

Everyone wants to do something to be remembered by, do you want to be forgotten completely 10 years after you die, no you don't and they didn't either. That's why they drew and painted things to last a really long time. They wanted to be remembered though the ages not just for someone else a thousand years ago, but for today.

The Way of Chinese Painting: It’s Ideas and Technique
By Mai-mai Sze
ND 1043 .S9

293 Renaissance woodcuts for artists and illustrators
By Jost Amman’s Kunstbüchlin
NE 1245 A413

Painting in the far East
By Laurence Binyon
ND 1037 B6

Math and the Mona Lisa: the Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci
By Bülent Atalay
N 6923 .L33 .A4

The Carving of Mount Rushmore
By Rex Alan Smith
NB 237 .B6 A68

Indian Art of Mexico and Central America
By Miguel Covarrubias
F 1219.3 A7 C58

The Mosaics of Rome
By Walter Oakshott
NA 3850 R6 1967B

By De Tolnay
ND 623 B9 D4313

Designing and Painting for the Theatre
By Lynn Pecktal
PN 2091 S8 P37

Impressionist Flowers: Art of the Bouquet
By Richard Whelan
ND 1400 .W556

Engravings by Hogarth
Edited by Sean Shesgreen
NE 642 S47

The Artists Handbook of Materials and Techniques
By Ralph Mayer
ND 1260 M35

By Mila Contini
GT 513 C58

The Flowering of Art Nouveau
By Maurice Rheims
N 6490 .R5343

Jewelry Making and Design
By Augustus F. Rose, Antonio Cirino
TS 740 .R6

Design through discovery
By Marjorie Elliot Bevlin
NK 1510 .B53

Turner on Tour
By Inge Herold
ND 497 .T8 H3713

Alice Neel
By Patricia Hills
ND 1329 N3 H54

Landscape Paintings
By Mitchell Albala
ND 1342 .A42

Awash in color: Homer, Sargent, and the Great American Watercolor
By Reed and Troyen
ND 1807 R44

A Gallery of Marine Art
Selected by Jerry McClish
ND 1370 .M32

Reflection of Nature
By Kuspit Wallach
ND 237 .R117 W36