Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to download free audiobooks


Netlibrary is the best thing since sliced bread.

After exhausting the collection of the public libraries here (of all things I was intersted in anyway) I forayed into the world of Netlibrary, where hundreds of books are available for checkout. The files stop being available after 3 weeks, but can be renewed once.

Netlibrary is provided to every Wyoming resident with a library card (public or college). You simply need to register and begin searching. It's that easy.

Step 1. If you have a CWC library card, go to the CWC Library page, choose Databases and select Netlibrary from the list.

Step 2. Create a free account (top right corner)

Step 3. In another tab or window, go to and sign in.

Step 4. Search for a book you like (browse by subject or search for a title or author)
[NOTE: Netlibrary has both audiobooks and ebooks. Make sure you search for audiobooks only]

Step 5. Decide: will you be listening to this on your computer or on your mp3 player?
[NOTE: If you plan to listen on an mp3 player, make sure yours is on their list of tested players. Not all mp3 players are compatible with the digial license technology they use.]

Step 6.
A. If you will be listening on your computer, you can download the radio-quality version.

B. If you will be listening on your mp3 player, you must download the CD quality version.

You will probably have to allow your computer to download the file.

Step 7. Choose a location and save the file.

Step 8. Once the download is complete, open the file to acquire the digital license.

Step 9. If desired, copy the file to your mp3.

Further notes:

- Check out period = 21 days.

- Maximum number of items checked out at one time = 10.

- Does not allow burning to CD.

- Unlimited quantities of each title.

- Titles may be renewed one time.

- Titles are automatically checked in, and cannot be checked in early.

- Titles must be downloaded all at one time. Cannot download by chapter or section.

- Titles must be downloaded in the Internet Explorer browser. Firefox and other browsers do not download correctly.

We'll be happy to help you get started. Enjoy!!
- Cory

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

N. Scott Momaday @CWC

Central Wyoming Collge is delighed to present N. Scott Momaday, the first Native American to win the Pulitzer Prize. Dr. Momaday will be here for two days of dialogue at CWC and around the Wind River Indian Reservation. Please join us for any or all of the events; they are all open and free to the public.

Dr. Momaday's visit is made possible with grants from the Wyoming Humanities Council and support from the Wind River Casino.

Schedule of events:

April 2:

Q&A with CWC Students 2:30-3:50 pm Peck Theater

Keynote presentation, “Establishing Good Relations: Recognizing What We Have in Common,” 7:30-9 pm Peck Theater

Book signing 9 pm Peck Theater Gallery

April 3:

Q&A with students at St. Stephen's High School 9:30-11 am

Q&A with students at Wyoming Indian High School 1:30-3:30pm

Community feast to honor Dr. Momaday 6-9 pm Fort Washakie School

To learn more about Dr. Momaday, visit Literature Resource Center from our database page or his agent's website.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Celebration of Creativity

We had a great turnout for our exhibit of student and staff work. We had cross-stitch, photography, music, drawing, quilting, basketmaking, paintings, sewing and many other forms of creativity. Voters chose three winners for the People's Choice award:

First place: Retha Reinke's Circle Quilt
Second place: Anita Duran's "Dusk"
Third place: Robert Snyder's "Flesh Genesis"