Friday, January 29, 2010

January Staff Picks

Juli's Pick
The Graveyard Book
By: Neil Gaiman
PZ 7 .G1273 GRA 2008
"This suspenseful novel by the author of Coraline tells the story of Nobody, Nobody Owens, or Bod for short. It's a fun and intriguing tale about a toddler who survives the slaughter of his family only to be raised in a cemetery by ghosts. Gaiman's imaginative story reminds us many things: family, trust, respect, and acceptance. Don't let the lessons spoil the fun read though! Enjoy following Bod grow up and see if you're left wanting more!"

Kristy's Pick
Knots You Need
By: Buck Tilton
WYOMING VM 533 .T55 2008
"Who knew there were so many knots?! Out of the 100's of knots that exist, this book illustrates over 100...for your tying pleasure. Enjoy!"

Alex's Pick
Breakfast of Champions
By: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
PS 3572 .O5 1973 C.2
"A little bit 'out there', this classic from Vonnegut will freak you out(in a good way, of course), make you laugh and make you think. Good times and fun to read."

Grey's Pick
So You Want To Be President
By: Judith St. George and David Small
PZ 7 .S139 SO 2000
"If you have any dreams of becoming president, I encourage you to read this. You will read about good things and bad things about being president."

Cory's Pick
She Flies Without Wings
By: Mary D. Midkiff
SF 284.4 .M43 2001
"She Flies Without Wings captures the magical, heretofore indescribable relationship between women and horses. Enjoy!"

Slobo's Pick
The Mind of Wall Street
By: Leon Levy
HG 4910 .L463 2002
"An interesting book about Wall Street, its cooperatives and sales. If you are interested in world of business, economics and Wall Street itself, you should read this book."

Dietrich's Pick
Drinking Dry Clouds
By: Gretel Ehrlich
WYOMING PS 3555 .H72 D75 2005
"If you are interested in stories about Wyoming you will really like this book. Gretel Ehrlich really does a great job on describing Wyoming in her stories and making them very interesting and enjoyable. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a western about Wyoming, and it is a short book so you will get done with it in no time!"

Tim's Pick
The Dark, Dark Night
By: M. Christina Butler and Jane Chapman
OVERSIZE PZ 7 .B97738 DAR 2008
"This story is a thriller that will keep you guessing. You will be on the edge of your seat."