Friday, August 19, 2011

New audiobooks!

The King's Speech by Mark Logue and Peter Conrad

Dead End Gene Pool by Wendy Burden

Best Advice I Ever Got by Katie Couric

The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin

House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

Art though the Ages

Hi! I am new to the blog and I am just helping out around the CWC Library (like an internship) and this is my first major assignment.

I chose the topic because it is a form of expression, and I wanted my first exhibit to be meaningful and art is full of meaning from subtle hints to ginormous ones. I'm not asking you to become there biggest fan but you should notice it, at least enough to see the whole picture.

Everyone wants to do something to be remembered by, do you want to be forgotten completely 10 years after you die, no you don't and they didn't either. That's why they drew and painted things to last a really long time. They wanted to be remembered though the ages not just for someone else a thousand years ago, but for today.

The Way of Chinese Painting: It’s Ideas and Technique
By Mai-mai Sze
ND 1043 .S9

293 Renaissance woodcuts for artists and illustrators
By Jost Amman’s Kunstbüchlin
NE 1245 A413

Painting in the far East
By Laurence Binyon
ND 1037 B6

Math and the Mona Lisa: the Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci
By Bülent Atalay
N 6923 .L33 .A4

The Carving of Mount Rushmore
By Rex Alan Smith
NB 237 .B6 A68

Indian Art of Mexico and Central America
By Miguel Covarrubias
F 1219.3 A7 C58

The Mosaics of Rome
By Walter Oakshott
NA 3850 R6 1967B

By De Tolnay
ND 623 B9 D4313

Designing and Painting for the Theatre
By Lynn Pecktal
PN 2091 S8 P37

Impressionist Flowers: Art of the Bouquet
By Richard Whelan
ND 1400 .W556

Engravings by Hogarth
Edited by Sean Shesgreen
NE 642 S47

The Artists Handbook of Materials and Techniques
By Ralph Mayer
ND 1260 M35

By Mila Contini
GT 513 C58

The Flowering of Art Nouveau
By Maurice Rheims
N 6490 .R5343

Jewelry Making and Design
By Augustus F. Rose, Antonio Cirino
TS 740 .R6

Design through discovery
By Marjorie Elliot Bevlin
NK 1510 .B53

Turner on Tour
By Inge Herold
ND 497 .T8 H3713

Alice Neel
By Patricia Hills
ND 1329 N3 H54

Landscape Paintings
By Mitchell Albala
ND 1342 .A42

Awash in color: Homer, Sargent, and the Great American Watercolor
By Reed and Troyen
ND 1807 R44

A Gallery of Marine Art
Selected by Jerry McClish
ND 1370 .M32

Reflection of Nature
By Kuspit Wallach
ND 237 .R117 W36

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kristy's August Pick

Written by Erin Elisabeth Conley, Karen Macklin, and Jake Miller
BF 637 .I48 C655 2009

This sub-title of this book is 'How to deal with annoying teachers, bosses, backstabbers, and other stuff that stinks' and that's what the authors talk about. They define it, then give advice on how to avoid it, deal with it, get rid of it and finally, how to go about "breaking the stank cycle." Enough said. Read the book and don't give me any...

Tim's August Staff Pick

The Unforgettable Season
Written by Gordon H. Fleming
Call #: GV 875 .A3 F55

Believe it or not, I am an avid fan of history. I love seeing how people in different eras functioned. One other thing you should know about me, I am a fan of baseball. This book does not only bring two of my favorite things together, but it does so in that it takes you back to that era without you ever noticing. This book takes old newspaper stories and recaptures the tale of a three team pennant race. From the beginning of the season until the end, this season was known as the greatest pennant race to ever occur in the history of baseball.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cory's August Staff Pick

The Artist’s Way
By Julia Cameron
BF 408 .C175 2002

For nearly 20 years, The Artist’s Way has been fundamental reading for anyone interested in deepening his or her connection to intuition and creativity.The book leads readers through a 12 week process of reflection and exercises designed to open paths to the inner self and promote honest expression.With stories from her own life in the arts, Cameron discusses both the challenges and rewards in a creative life in an accessible, charming way. The Artist’s Way has spawned a movement and Cameron has followed up with a dozen or more related books. Enjoy!

Juli's August Staff Pick


by Judy Blunt

CT 275 .B57984 .A3 2002

Blunt’s storytelling is as sharp as the barbed wire that surrounded her life as a third generation rancher in Montana. Her memoir sheds light on her life as a ranch child, wife, woman, and mother and is gritty and gut-wrenching while remaining graceful.

This is one of my favorite memoirs.

Candy's August Staff Pick

The Art of Choosing
by Sheena Iyengar
BF 611 .I94 2010

A well written, thorough book on the who, what, where, when, why, and how of choosing. Although Ms. Iyengar writes with a grace that is conversational, just as if you would sit down and have a visit with her, it belies all the exhaustive amount of research that is in the book. Her writing presents a very keen and curious mind.

Jan's August Staff Pick

One Hundred Years of Old Man Sage

By Jeffery D. Anderson

GLASSCASE AMIND E 99 .A7 S343 2003

To have lived for 100 years and seen all the inconceivable changes in a culture... !

Old Man Sage tells his story through family and friends, and gives us insight into the realities of being born at a time in history when ceremony and respect for all things was the Arapaho way of life. Follow how that was changed by the influx of settlers and miners and then the military that followed. You meet Old Man Sage in these pages, and forever will carry an admiration for this tribal elder who still teaches through his words.