Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pat's October Staff Pick

Wind River Country
By Bayard Fox
OVERSIZE F 767 .F8 F791 2008

Wind River Country brings to life a remote, magnificent and little known part of northwest Wyoming near Yellowstone Park.  It has all the beauty of its famous neighbor, Jackson Hole, just across the Continental Divide, and much more of historical interest.  It contains the thriving Wind River Indian Reservation of over 2 million acres, the spectacular Wind River Range with Wyoming's highest mountain, and vast, uncrowded national forests. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jan's October Staff Pick

Forgiving Dr. Mengele
Film by Bob Hercules & Cheryl Pugh
DS 135 .H93 K67 2007

Eva Kor tells her story of surviving the concentration camp at Auschwitz as a young child.  She uses her horrific experiences to teach others the power of the "will to live" to survive physically and the need to forgive in order to survive emotionally.  What she chose to do with her life is amazing and inspirational. 

You will come away from watching this with many emotions...anger, wonder, admiration, frustration, concern.  Please take time to hear her story. 

Kirsten's October Staff Pick

By Kurt Vonnegut
PS 3572 O5 S51

This is a banned book. Slaughterhouse-Five is about a man, named Billy Pilgrim who is stuck in a time vortex. He never knows if he is going to be in his future, his past, or the present. At one point he is abducted by aliens! Brilliantly written, Vonnegut captures our imagination and somewhat confuses us with his bouncing plot lines which all come together at the end. My favorite part is at the very end, when the author says "poo-tee-weet". 

Candy's October Staff Pick

China: People, Place, Culture, History
By Alison Bailey
OVERSIZE DS 706 .C4873 2007

Despite the United States' current political issues with China, there is no doubt there have been significant contributions made by one of the largest and oldest nations on the planet. 

Strolling through the pages of this book I find many wonderful things that China has given us; tea, rice, acupuncture, silk, fireworks, an example of a group/family-oriented culture, Pandas, the Great Wall of China, bamboo, the invention of paper, Hong Kong, and Chinese food.