Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August staff picks

Kristy’s Pick
The way we will be 50 years from today: 60 of the world's greatest minds share their visions of the next half century
By: Mike Wallace
HM 901 .W39 2008

Cory’s Pick
Broken: A Love Story
By: Lisa Jones
AMIND PN 4874 .J656 A3 2009
"I read this cover to cover. I found Lisa's story of meeting and spending time with Arapaho paraplegic horseman Stanford Addison more honest than anything else I've read about the Wind River Reservation."

Melissa’s Pick
Beginning College 101: How to Achieve Real Success in College
By: J.B. Robson
LB 2343.3 .R6 2001
"This book has great ideas of how to start and end college successfully! College is a big change - in this book, it goes over many situations that every student should know. Enjoy!"

Carlie’s Pick
Letters on an elk hunt: by a woman homesteader
By: Elinore Pruitt Stewart
WYOMING F 761 .S82 2007
"Letters on an Elk Hunt by a Woman Homesteader gives a unique view into Wyoming's wild past. It's a quick summer read. Enjoy!"

Tim's Pick

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

By Mark Twain

PS 1305 A2 H5 1987

"Take a trip down the mighty Mississippi river and relive childhood adventures. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn follows the legendary character Huck Finn as he goes on adventures that will ultimately shape his life. Whether you are young or young at heart this story will capture you imagination and have you set sail down the mighty Mississippi."

Alex’s Pick

The Inferno
By Dante Alighieri

PQ 4315.2 C5
"Dante's way with words creates an entire world by itself. He manages to create stunning images while unnoticeably pushing his beliefs of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory."