Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Austin's February Staff Pick

By John Hersey
D 767.25 H6 H4 1946

If you haven't already guessed from the title, this short and easy read is a journalistic account of one of the most horrific events in human history- the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima in Japan. The book chronicles the events experienced by an assortment of Japanese citizens as a result of the bomb. This book gives a graphic description of an event that everyone should be familiar with. While this book's imagery may not be pleasant to read, it is, in my opinion, a book that one needs to read.

Ben's February Staff Pick

Freedom Writers
DVD PN 1995.9 .M45 F744366 2007

This inspiring movie is about a young English teacher that has all the education in the world and she could teach at any school she wanted too. She decides to go to a high school that is torn with violence, gangs and racial tension. This teacher has to open up theses special students that in some ways they are all in a way equal individuals. She shows them how that race doesn’t matter and it tears the world apart. This movie is great and you should watch it’s amazing.

Hannah's February Staff Pick

Hiking Wyoming
Bill Hunger
WYOMING GV 199.42 .W8 H87 2008

This book happens to be a Falcon Guide which are not always the most specific, reliable books, but they do give a decent overview of their subject. This one is about hiking in Wyoming, something you can do even in the snow!! I highly recommend getting out and seeing our beautiful state this winter, it will keep you in good shape for those weekends you aren’t able to go skiing! It’s also a great time to hike because, although this is bear country, they’re all hibernating… If you are looking for some near-by hikes, look in the West-Central Wyoming portion of this book. Enjoy and remember to be prepared.

Tim's February Staff Pick

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
DVD DF 78 .E55 1999

I have to say that history fascinates me. I love reading and watching documentaries about ancient civilizations and empires that once existed. This documentary is an astonishing tale of the Greek Civilization. If you have 140 minutes of free time to spare than I highly recommend that you spend them watching this video. Thanks and have a great day.

Kreig's February Staff Pick

by: Malcolm Galdwell
BF 448 .G53 2005 C.2

Have you ever looked at someone and just instantly knew how they felt or whether or not they were a good person? Have you ever seen a picture and could instantly say you didn’t like it but yet did not have the ability to explain why you didn’t like it? This is exactly the premise behind Blink. The power of thinking without thinking. Blink goes in depth to explain how our subconscious automatically processes information and then tells us the answers without truly telling us. For those who want to learn more about their snap judgments Blink is one of the best options.

Candy's February Staff Pick

A Falcon Guide – Medicinal Plants of North America
by Jim Meuninck
QK 110 .M48 2008

This field guide has clear pictures and lists the description, location, food qualities of the plant, traditional uses, modern uses, notes, wildlife/veterinary uses and even cautions of plants all over North America.
Who knew that you could sauté the young shoots of the cattail plant in butter and olive oil?

Jan's February Staff Pick

Alex Haley

This audio book is exceptional. It is a generational saga about an African family whose ancestor was captured and brought as a slave to colonial America. The historic background and the cultural references regarding slavery and civil rights bring their story to a reality that you can experience with them. Your mind will picture the faces and the places that are woven through the history of this family. Very thought provoking … Worth your time to listen.

Cory's February Staff Pick

The Sweet Potato Queen’s Book of Love
by Jill Conner Brown
PN 6162 .B735 1999

This series of books is just plain funny. The Sweet Potato Queens are a society of Southern ladies with a life-is-too-short-not-to-have-fun-with-it attitude. The Sweet Potato Queen’s Book of Love is Conner Browne’s first in an ever-expanding series of titles. Others include Sweet Potato Queens' Field Guide to Men: Every Man I Love Is Either Married, Gay, or Dead and The Sweet Potato Queens' Guide to Raising Children for Fun and Profit. Enjoy!

Jessie's February Staff Pick

The Oxford Project
Peter Feldstein
OVERSIZE F 629 .O97 F45 2008

This book was one I saw on the shelving rack waiting to get put away. It is just about a photographer (Peter Feldstein) that took pictures of everyone in the town of Oxford in 1984. In 2005 Peter tracked down the residents and took their pictures again. Some of the people talk about how their lives have changed because of marriage, adoption, children, and death of loved ones.

Juli's February Staff Pick

1000 Artist Journal Pages
by Dawn DeVries Sokol
TR 465 .S658 2008

I love this book so much I own it! If you need to declutter thoughts or if you’re interested in keeping a history of your life’s happenings, this book is a great inspirational source to make those things happen. If you’re not into painting, drawing, doodling, gluing, stamping, sketching, or any other artistic medium, this book is STILL great to browse. Read and view what others have spilled onto their pages and see if you’re not even slightly motivated to get messy.

Kristy's February Staff Pick

Quilt art of Japan
by Setsuko Segawa
TT 835 S454 1991

Don’t let the plain cover fool you!
Inside this book there are dozens of beautiful examples of Japanese artwork creatively expressed in a quilt form.
Take a look!

Connor's February Staff Pick

A Russian Diary
By Anna Politkovskaya
DK 510.763 .P65313 2007

This first hand account of Anna Politkovskaya’s experiences in Putin’s Russia depicts horrors that many families had to go through. From 2003 to 2005, she lived fearlessly, gathering as much information as she could, no matter what the risk. She describes how Putin “neutralizes or jails his opponents, muzzles the press, shamelessly lies to the public-and then secures a sham landslide that plunges the populace into mass depression.” Politkovskaya’s efforts to expose Putin’s actions ultimately ended in her death, when she was shot to death in Moscow in 2006.

Sam's February Staff Pick

William Wegman video works, 1970-1999
DVD N 6537 .W345 V53 2006

If you love short films as much as I do, then this two-disc set is a must see! William Wegman is extremely clever and his work is raw and hilarious. He uses very simple props to produce a series of short, commercial length films. I also love his weimaraner co-star, Man Ray. You should check this set out if you enjoy film, art or just want a good laugh!