Friday, July 6, 2012

Kristy's July Staff Pick

Get a Financial Life : Personal Finance in your Twenties and Thirties
Written by Beth Kobliner
HG 179 .K59 2009

From the introduction- 
This “book makes clear that there are just a few key steps you need to get out of debt, start saving, and plan for the future.  Once you nail these easy concepts, you’ll be on your way- in good times or bad”

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jan's July Staff Pick

Brenden Voyage
by Tim Severen
G 470 .S48
What an adventure!  Tim Severen was driven to recreate an ocean voyage documented by an ancient text about an Irish Monk who traveled from Ireland to North America in the 500’s!  His research and the building of the type of boat that was used are amazing…and then the voyage itself which confirmed the sites and sometimes fantastic incidents that happened to the ancient mariners.   And what a crew!  To learn how the personalities and talents combined to accomplish this adventure for us to share is a lesson in itself!  Enjoy.

Tim's July Staff Pick

Tim’s Staff Pick
The Wizard of Oz
DVD PN 1997 .W59
One of my favorite movies growing up was “The Wizard of Oz.” This movie is not only a great adaptation from page to screen, but it has to be one of the most influential stories of all. We all dream on some days about being in another world and escaping from our problems, but what happens when that becomes reality. This is a great story that can give great life values. Enjoy the movie!