Friday, July 8, 2011

Cory's July Staff Pick

Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas

Oversize G 4261 .E63 2008 B457

There are several options out there for exploring back-country roads, but this is definitely one of the better ones. Don't end up relying on a GPS to send you over a cliff, use the map!

Tim's July Staff Pick

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Written by Aron Ralston

GV 199.42 .U82 B587 2004

I love reading biographies. To me, there is nothing more interesting than getting another person's perspective on life, love, spirituality, or just where they came from. This book stands out for myself, not because of what he went through, but on how the experience changed his life forever. Yes, the movie "127 Hours" is great and worth the watch, but this book gives you a little something more than the movie. Enjoy the read and remember to tell someone where you are going! :-)

Candy's July Staff Pick

A Family Affair

by Rex Stout


Hey! It’s my favorite genre, a mystery. This audiobook is by Rex Stout and is, as always, told in narration style with Archie as the story teller. He and Nero Wolfe solve the whodunit with brains, a bit of sarcasm, and some intolerance of Inspector Cramer’s gruffness. A good read or a good listen if you prefer.

Juli's July Staff Pick

UTNE Reader & Mother Jones

Interestingly enough, when I studied Journalism as an undergrad, alternative press publications were never mentioned. What a shame! I encourage others to read and explore non-mainstream outlets for information. You just might learn something that the others don’t want you to know!

Kristy's July Staff Pick

Under Heaven

By Guy Gavriel Kay

PR 9199.3 .K39 U53 2010

A mix of history and fantasy tells a fascinating tale. The author “evokes the subtle politics and careful social intercourse of eighth-century Tang dynasty China (Library Journal Review)” in this story. Shen Tai honors his father’s memory by burying the dead, enemies and friends alike, at an old battle-site on the border of the empire. Near the end of the two mourning years, he is given a great gift- two hundred and fifty Heavenly Horses.

“You gave a man one of the Sardian horses to reward him greatly. You gave him four or five of those glories to exalt him above his fellows, propel him towards rank- and earn him the jealousy, possibly mortal of those who rode the smaller horses of the steppes.”

The intrigue and pit-falls that await Tai as he deals with the overwhelming gift make an interesting read.

Jan's July Staff Pick

The Reluctant King
Sarah Bradford
DA 584 B69 1989

If the recent wedding of Kate and William piqued your interest in the workings of the British royal family, this book gives insight into the issues that King George VI, William’s Great-Grandfather, had to deal with when unexpectedly becoming King after the abdication of his brother just before WWII. This book is a must-read for those who enjoyed the movie, “The King’s Speech”, because it gives you the whole story of his life.