Saturday, November 7, 2009

November Staff Picks

Dane's Pick
Angels and Demons
By: Dan Brown
"This is a great book about the mythical Illuminati and a plot to destroy the Roman Catholic leadership for an age-old cendetta. Based before the The Da Vinci Code this book also starts Robert Langdon as he fantically works with CERN to find out who is behind a series of murders taking place after the Pope dies. Lots of action and just recently made into a Hollywood film starring Tom Hanks."

Dietrich's Pick
New Moon
By: Stephenie Meyer
PS 3613 .E979 N532 2006
"This is a great book for whoever enjoys a little vampire suspense. If you have read the first book or watched the movie Twilight, you will really be pleased when you read New Moon. This book has a lot of twists and turns and the author put a lot more action in it than the first book. It will really leave you hungry for the next one. I thought that there was a lot of mystery, suspense and action more than anything. The movie is about to come out on November 20, 2009 so you better hurry and read New Moon, because the books are always better than the movie!"

Alex's Pick
Text By: Charles de Tolnay
ND 623 B9 D4313
"Michelangelo was a master painter and sculptor during the Renaissance. This book showcases his skills."

Jake's Pick
Death in the Afternoon
By: Ernest Hemingway
GV 1107 H48 1960
"This is one of only four works of nonfiction written by Nobel Laureate Ernest Hemingway, and is certainly worth taking a look at by anyone who enjoys the author's other works. The classic sparseness of language but bounty of meaning so endemic to Hemingway's work is present in full force and serves to illustrate the tradition of Spanish bullfighting, already a dying art upon the book's publication in 1932. In addition to a surprisingly detailed description of the intricacies necessary to the fight, this work examines the more philosophical question that arise when on person willingly risks their life in an unnecessary display of courage."

Cory's Pick
Image Makers, Image Takers
By: Thames & Hudson
TR 139 .J34 2007
"We see thousands of images every day. What did those photographers bring to the process? What did they want us to see? to feel? An interesting explanation with amazing images."

Carlie’s Pick
The Count of Monte Cristo
By: Alexandre Dumas
PQ 2226 E5 1946
"A long tale of revenge, Edmond Dantes searches the three people who made him suffer at the CHateau d 'If for over 15 years and seeks to destroy their successes, marriages, and families. In the end...I won't spoil the end, but don't watch the movie, read the book."

Slobo's Pick
Unity or Separation
Edited By: Daniel Kempton and Terry Clark
JN 6693.5 .S8 U55 2002
"Really good book about the Soviet Union, it's separation and the reasons that caused it."